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We are a dental practice that specializes in all types of dental emergencies. Give us a call to book an appointment. 24-hour dental care practice.

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Emergency Dentist in Ontario

If you’re looking for an out of hours dentist or have a dental emergency such as pain or swelling and are in need of emergency dental treatments then you’re in the right place. Sometimes you need to see your dentist right away and there’s no better place to get treatment than right here at Emergency Dental Specialists.

  • Toothache

  • Root Canel

  • Broken Tooth

  • Lost a tooth

  • Wisdom Teeth

  • Broken Dentures

  • Bleeding Gums

Emergency Dental Clinic in Ontario

It’s never fun to be in the situation where you’re searching for an emergency dentist, but the sooner you book yourself into see someone the better your chances of limiting any damage caused. Our Ontario emergency dentist clinic have you covered 24 hours a day.

That’s why we are open seven days a week, ready to help you with experienced and considerate dentists. We’ll relieve the pain through a comprehensive exam, prompt treatment and a variety of easy payment options.

Immediate care for all toothaches is here when you need it at our emergency dental clinic in Ontario.

Emergency Dental Services

A dental emergency in Ontario could be anything from sudden and severe pain from a decaying tooth, or a tooth getting knocked out while engaged in a sports activity or due to an accident.

Any kind of dental emergency can be stressful, painful, and often alarming, but dental emergencies are especially distressing because patients often don’t know what to do when they happen.

At Ontario Emergency Dentist, we pride ourselves with providing emergency dental care to our patients as soon as they need it.

Emergency walk-in appointments and phone calls are always taken.

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